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Day trip

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Departure: 09:00

Trip to the mysterious semi desert Gareja. Visiting one of the oldest monasteries in Georgia. Monastic life first emerged here in the 6th century. Not only a significant part of ancient Georgian manuscripts, but even an own unique fresco painting style – the School of Gareja – is the long-lasting legacy of the monk communities.


  • Steppe desert Gareja

  • Lavra Monastery David Gareji 6th century

  • Udabno Monastery 6th century

  • Ruins of Ninotsminda church 6th century

Program - Day trip

09:00 h Departure
10:30 h Viewing the Salt Lakes
11:00 h Visiting the Dodos Horn Monastery
13:00 h Visiting the Davit Gareja Monastery
14:30 h Lunch Break
15:30 h Departure to the Natlismtsemeli Monastery
16:00 h Visiting the Natlismtsemeli Monastery
17:00 h Departure to Tbilisi
18:00 h Arrival in Tbilisi



  • Transfer: a comfortable & air-conditioned vehicle (minibus or off-road vehicle)
  • Guide: GEORGIA INSIGHT guide
  • Board: a bottle of water, coffee / tea
  • Entrances: according to the programme


Sturdy, comfortable and ankle-high shoes, as well as sun protection required (long-sleeved shirt, sun hat recommended), it can get very hot at noon.

Ladies will need a headscarf for the David Gareji monastery (can be borrowed on site).

The Udabno Monastery caves are at present inaccessible most of the time. The caves are located partially on the Azerbaijani side and on daily basis the border guards are given the instruction to deny access to the visitors from the Georgian side. We strongly hope the approach is temporary and apologise for any inconvenience.
(Status: June 25, 2019)

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